A dynamic, multidisciplinary, multilingual and multicultural team


  • Thirty years experience in translation and multilingual services 
  • Member of an advisory board, providing consultancy to an international NGO in Belgium, Bolivia and Ecuador 
  • Collaboration with a foundation and two social organizations in Belgium and Ecuador 
  • Various projects with travel agencies in Peru and Bolivia 
  • Five years working in communications and marketing for a Belgian trade union 
  • Thirty years working in citizen security and occupational safety 
  • Numerous training activities in Belgium and Ecuador 

Our specificity: 

  • We do not offer predefined, standard solutions. 
  • We listen, discover your needs and help you to create, develop and finalize your project. 
  • We do not impose our solutions; we help you to find your own. 
  • We feel responsible for your project and help it to move towards sustainability.